No Spots? No Problem!

Want to compete at Ohio Pinto shows with your solid colored horse, pony, or miniature?

The Pinto solid registry is designed for equines like yours, and Ohio Pinto has added a number of new solid classes for 2020. Here is some basic information...

 Your solid equine must be registered with the Pinto Horse Association in order to show in the
solid division at Pinto shows. Registration forms are available on the national website


Horses, Ponies and Miniatures eligible to be registered include:

  • solid animals that have documented color parentage.

  • solid animals that are registered with any of the Pinto approved outcross registries (for example AQHA, APHA, AHR, ASPC, AMHA, and AMHR). The list is long. Consult the current Pinto Horse Association Rule Book* for specifics.

  • colored and non-colored Appaloosas or POA ponies.

  • solid animals without papers from the approved associations. Pinto papers issued to such unregistered animals will show their pedigrees to be undocumented.

*The current Pinto Rule Book is the official source of registration information. It is available on this website and the national website. Feel free to call the PtHA Registration Department at 405-491-0111 if you have questions not answered by the Rule Book.


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