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Each year a young horsewoman has been chosen to represent the Pinto Horse Association of Ohio at equine functions throughout Ohio, including the PtHAO Year-End Awards Banquet and horse shows. The PtHAO Queens serves as an ambassador of the association, encouraging membership in the association, making appearances at state and regional equine functions to raise awareness of the PtHAO and Pinto Horse breed. The contest consist of a horsemanship or showmanship pattern, a written exam covering the PtHA Official Rule Book and a personal interview.

Past PtHAO Queens


Julie Thornton, 1991 & 1992

1989: Christy Breiding

1990: Christy Breiding

1991: Julie Thornton

1992: Julie Thornton

1993: Kelli Smith

1994: Renee Goddell

1995: Judy Barker

1996: Julie Hill

1998: Summer Beeler

1999: Summer Beeler

2000: Julie Hill

2001: Julie Hill

2002: Lisa Crock  *2002-2003 Miss Pinto of America

2004: Leslie Ternes

2005: Leslie Ternes

2006: Whitney Wittensoldner

2012: Brooke Braden

2013: Brooke Braden

2017: Sena Jodoin

2018: Sena Jodoin

2019: Allison Roath

2020: Kimberly Griggy

2021: Kimberly Griggy

2022: Savannah Engelman

2023: Emma Thornton

Lisa- PtHA2003-1.jpg

Lisa Crock, 2002

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