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PtHAO President-Kaylee Clagett

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Hello! Welcome to 2023 show season with Ohio Pinto! My name is Kaylee Clagett, I am the president of Ohio Pinto. I have shown Ohio Pinto for about 8 years now. Whenever you join us at a show, you will hear at least one person say Ohio Pinto is family! It is the truth, not just because most of us show with our family. It is because our membership is so supportive, and yet competitive to each other. In our warm up pens you will hear exhibitors laughing and joking around with each other. Amateurs helping other amateurs, who they will be showing against, but want to see their pinto family succeed. Now, there are a lot who show with their actual families. I personally love showing pinto because I get to spend a weekend with my son, mom, sister, nephews and friends. An Ohio Pinto show atmosphere is unlike any other! The kids all play together and welcome new. Trainers are helpful to all. And people are actually happy to be at a horse show! As an organization we strive to give back to our membership as much as possible. We as board members show as well, we know how much work and money, our exhibitors put in so we want try to help! New for 2023, we continue to add new classes. Going to a 3 day show format was a trial for us and worked well. Every year we will continue to evaluate class numbers, flow of the show and easy of showing for our membership. We know we can always improve and try to each year. Membership asked for more solid classes and walk trot classes and we listened! I personally would like to say in my opinion we are showing at some of the best facilities in Ohio. We are extremely fortunate to get to show most of our shows in all indoor arenas.


I have hinted on Facebook about a Golden Ticket!! This is only good to the first 100 horses registered to our March Spring Fling show at Garwood! The board has agreed to keep it a secret until the show, but I can assure you it will be worth it! There will only be 100 Tickets gave out, and they are redeemable at the Summer WarmUp show in May!!


-Kaylee Clagett

PtHAO President

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