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PtHAO President-Kaylee Clagett

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As of 2020, I am the new Ohio Pinto president. I am Kaylee Clagett, since I have only been around Pinto for 5 years now let me tell you a little about myself. In 2017, I married my biggest supporter since we live on a farm someone has to stay home and take care of the rest of the crew. Most have not got to meet my husband Kenneth Clagett. I show Ohio Pinto with my family, horses are one thing we all do together. My mom (Edie Kuns), Sister (Emily Wolery), and my nephews (Wyatt & Hunter Wolery), travel to all the Ohio Pinto shows year after year. Horses come and go, but I love knowing these shows are something I will always have with them.  I currently don’t have my own Pinto to bring at this time to show; I do have several Pintos and 2 solid Miniatures at home that I breed. I can be caught in the show ring from time to time showing some babies in the driving classes. I grew up showing stock horses in several disciplines, helping me gain my knowledge. After my AQHA heart horse passed away, riding a horse was never the same, at that point I switched to miniatures. I currently show, train, and breed miniature horses in Plymouth Ohio.  In my spare time I judge horse shows, and work with our cattle. 


In 2015 I had a client talk me in to coming to an Ohio Pinto show. I had my doubts, I never showed at a breed show. The last 5 years my life has changed so much, since that first Pinto show. My family grew in a way I never expected. My first year it was only my mom, and my one client who showed with us. Ohio Pinto welcomed us in such a way, I knew I would be back. People come and go in life; however, some make such an impact that they become family. Ohio pinto has now become part of our life, as FAMILY. We don’t all live close to each other, we go months with out talking. When that first show of the year comes around, the miles and time apart are nothing. Any person debating on coming to their first breed show, TAKE THE STEP, you will not regret what you will gain. 

I have been on the board three years now. Our shows would not happen without our fabulous board of Directors,  Judges, staff and more importantly our members. The support our members give us drives the board to do their absolute best. Every year we battle to make the next year even better.  I personally want to thank Megan Herner for her years as our President, she gave me big boots to fill. 


Please check out our Facebook page for more information as well.

See everyone at the shows
Kaylee Clagett
Ohio Pinto President

** Years from now when the faded ribbons are packed into boxes, and the trophies are dusty on the shelves, you will pick up the memories, hold them close, and realize they are what really mattered.
~Auther Unknown~


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